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30g AK 47

ABOUT AK-47 30G AK-47 is well-known various effects. This strain is gentle in nature and aides in creating loosening up mode in

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30g Blueberry

ABOUT BLUEBERRY 30G Blueberry is a cannabis strain. It has a similar pose a flavor like new blueberries that prompt delivering loosening

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30g Hawaii-Skunk

ABOUT HAWAII-SKUNK 30G Hawaii-Skunk is famous cannabis found outside the plant that gives high THC content. The strain that gets created in

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30g Hindu Kush

ABOUT HINDU KUSH 30G Hindu Kush is a prominent unadulterated indica strain. This strain has a thick, defensive layer of precious stone

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30g OG Kush

ABOUT OG KUSH 30G OG Kush is generally known for its interesting smell and incredible impacts. It initially originates from Northern California

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30g Super Silver Haze

ABOUT SUPER SILVER HAZE Super Silver Haze is a granted cannabis strain. It is a delightful, sticky sativa mix that produces vitality

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30g Super Skunk

ABOUT SUPER SKUNK Super Skunk is considered as a real part of the assortments of indica. It has a sweet taste with

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30g White Widow

ABOUT WHITE WIDOW White Widow is a prevalent sativa strain. Its buds look white with gem sap. It produces vitality and rapture

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Blue Berry

ABOUT BLUE BERRY Blue Berry considered as a renowned, enhance forward indica half and half. This strain is little in size and

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